Advanced Oral Surgery Technology

How We Use Dentistry's Finest Innovations For You

Dr. Mykle Jacobs using advanced scan technology at LaGrange Oral Surgery and Implant Center.

Advanced Oral Surgery Technology

Technology keeps leaping ahead with advancements and changes, and it can be challenging to keep up with. However, when it comes to your dental implant or other surgical procedures, you don’t have to worry. Board-certified oral surgeon Dr. Mykle Jacobs and our team are highly trained and use the industry’s most advanced oral surgery services and technology in LaGrange, GA every day to ensure success for our patients through more accuracy, better planning, and more reliable results

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Digital X-Ray Technology

X-rays are imperative for examining oral structures below the gums. Our digital technology enables us to capture these important images and have them ready for Dr. Jacobs’ review right away, which means that we don’t have to work with harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment. Digital technology also reduces the radiation you’re exposed to, giving you peace of mind about your body’s health and safety during your time with us.

A team member examines a dental x-ray at LaGrange Oral Surgery & Implant Center.
A digital cone beam scanner, advanced technology used by LaGrange Oral Surgery and Implant Center.

Digital Cone Beam Scanner

Although X-rays have come a long way in recent years, they only show tooth and bone structure. Our digital cone beam scanner goes into more detail, taking hundreds of images and combining them to construct a 3D image of all oral structures, including blood vessels and nerve points. With this information, we can plan ahead for the procedure and avoid hitting problem spots. In the end, that means faster, better healing and more successful results.

Virtual and Guided Dental Implant Surgery

When it comes to dental implants, the precise placement of the posts is key. We use X-Guide imaging technology to ensure that the procedure goes smoothly and is more efficient than traditional implant surgery. It allows the doctor to see the exact position, angle, and depth of the implant in 3D space at all times throughout the surgery, ensuring a perfect result. Plus, this extra assistance enables them to make the procedure less invasive as well. In many cases, this approach enables us to give patients their new smile in just one visit, which is significantly faster than the typical implant timeline.

A digital display for the X Guide advanced technology at LaGrange Oral Surgery and Implant Center.

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