Oral Surgery Sedation

For Pain-Free, Stress-Free Procedures

A team member examines a dental x-ray at LaGrange Oral Surgery & Implant Center.

Sedation during your oral surgery procedure

Our team at LaGrange Oral Surgery & Implant Center wants you to be able to be confident and comfortable with the surgery you receive. Whether you suffer from a fear of any kind of oral care or are undergoing a particularly complex procedure, Dr. Jacobs will provide you with a safe, effective form of sedation in order to help you stay relaxed. If you need treatment from our oral surgery office in the near future, call us today to learn more about the types of sedation we offer and which is right for you.

Oral Surgery Sedation Options

We are proud to offer a variety of sedation options. It is important for Dr. Jacobs and our team to understand your full medical history, so that we can plan the most effective form of sedation for your unique needs.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

For mild anxiety or simple procedures, we may suggest using nitrous oxide. Unlike the other forms of sedation we offer, nitrous oxide wears off quickly after the procedure; that means you’ll be able to drive home by yourself. During your treatment, you’ll wear a mask over your nose through which the nitrous oxide is delivered. It takes effect soon after you start breathing it in, and we can adjust the dose as we need to.

It may sometimes be necessary to use general anesthesia to keep you completely unconscious until the procedure is over. We’ll use a combination of medications to put you in a sleep-like state where you won’t feel any pain. In order to prepare for general anesthesia, we’ll instruct you to fast for a set amount of time before the surgery; we will also thoroughly review your medical history to make sure that no unnecessary complications occur.

We can administer this type of sedation directly into one of your veins. It takes effect quickly and the dose is adjusted. Unlike general anesthesia, you won’t necessarily be unconscious and will be able to answer questions and follow instructions; however, you’ll be so relaxed that you might not remember anything that happened during the surgery. It may take a while for IV sedation to fully wear off, so before your appointment, you should make arrangements for someone else to drive you home. For patients that require extra monitoring or additional needs, Dr. Jacobs is affiliated with WellStar West Georgia Medical Center.

A nurse prepares an IV drip at LaGrange Oral Surgery.
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“I had a wonderful experience with this office. The staff was wonderful and did an amazing job. I have never been to a dentist’s office that I felt comfortable in but they all were wonderful. They helped with my anxiety issues and I was glad relieved to get the dental care I needed. Thanks, you guys were the best.”

Tammy S.