4 Ways Implant Dentures Have a Quicker Adjustment Time

Dr. Mykle Jacobs and staff perform oral surgery on a patient in LaGrange, Georgia.

Do you have missing teeth that need replacing? While many patients still choose traditional ones, you might consider getting the more enduring implant dentures to restore your smile. One of the best parts about them is their swift adjustment period. Keep reading to learn four ways these restorations are easier to get used to!

#1: You Can Enjoy Them Immediately

Traditional dentures are known to take some time to learn how to use correctly. With implant-retained ones, you won’t have to bother understanding how to use them. Once your dental implants are situated and bonded to your jawbone, your dentist will attach your dentures to the posts. You’ll be able to use them as freely as you did with your natural teeth.

#2: No Food Restrictions

Since your implant dentures will be directly anchored to your jaw, you won’t need to watch which foods you can or can’t eat. Unlike the traditional kind, your restorations will not be at any risk of moving out of place or rubbing against your gum line. This means you can eat soft and tougher food diets, allowing you to choose numerous nutritious meals in the long run. You can also be sure to feel comfortable while chewing, as you won’t feel extra pressure when biting down.

#3: Talking With Them Is Easy

Instead of having to repeatedly practice pronouncing words and phrases for hours on end, your implant dentures will offer the stability for speaking easily right off the bat. You can feel confident that your new teeth won’t fall out unexpectedly and secure enough to smile without any worries!

#4: Simple to Clean

Although your implant dentures will feel and look as though you have your permanent teeth again, you’ll still need to clean them like traditional ones, especially if you have removable ones. However, you won’t feel any soreness or pressure on your gums when removing or placing them back on, as they’ll be supported by your dental implants. This can make the cleaning process much more comfortable to perform.

Implant dentures offer a superior tooth replacement option as well as a quicker adjustment period overall! So, if you’re interested in getting this treatment, feel free to consult your dentist about your options.

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