What You Can Expect at Your Next Dental Implant Consultation

Dr. Mykle Jacobs discusses treatment options with a patient at LaGrange Oral Surgery and Implant Center.

Replacing missing teeth is one of the best things you can do for your oral health. Today, dental implants have become one of the most popular solutions for tooth loss, and for good reason. On top of looking incredibly natural, they remain one of the longest-lasting and most functional options for tooth replacement. However, they are a more complicated process because they require surgery to place. For that reason, completing a dental implant consultation is required. Here’s what you can expect at that consultation.

Preliminary Conversation

When you first arrive at the oral surgeon’s office, you’ll have a chance to meet with them before any phase of treatment is completed. This preliminary conversation is meant to provide an opportunity for you to discuss the current condition of your mouth. The surgeon will also ask you about your specific needs and confirm your expectations before treatment begins. Dental professionals work hard to create a space that is judgement-free and compassionate, so you can be honest about your desires upfront regardless of how complex your tooth replacement might be.

Oral Exam and X-Rays

Following this conversation, the surgeon will capture detailed digital X-rays of your mouth so they can review your current jawbone health. They also look over previous X-rays you’ve had taken, whether it was at their office or from your current/previous dentist if available. If the surgeon has a cone beam scanner, an advanced piece of technology designed to capture 3D images of the mouth and jaw, they may use it the day of your consultation as well.

Personalized Treatment Plan

After all scans and evaluations have been made, the surgeon should be able to confirm whether or not dental implants are a safe option for you. In some cases, they recommend preliminary treatments first to ensure the most successful outcome possible, such as a bone graft or gum disease therapy. If not, they will go over each phase of dental implant treatment as well as schedule the appointment dates for the surgery and follow-up visits to examine your progress.

Financing Options

Typically, an office manager or treatment coordinator will sit down with you to discuss your payment options for care. If you have dental insurance, they will confirm if your benefits provide any coverage for the services you need as well as recommend third-party financing solutions if necessary to make care affordable.

It’s worth it to be prepared ahead of your future dental implant consultation. To get started on the process today, feel free to contact our staff and set up your next appointment!

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